7 ways to stay encouraged while in College 

It’s test time, you’ve got papers due @ 11:59, Blackboard is tripping & you just don’t know what to do… 

Here’s an idea. Stop & RELAX! 

Your probably thinking “Wait, college students can relax?” Yes, lol we can & if you don’t believe me just read on. 

1. Don’t stress over things you can’t change. 

 You failed a test, that’s ok. You didn’t get an A on that paper, it’s cool. There are many assignments ahead. 

If you don’t succeed like you thought you would the first try, just figure out what went wrong & learn how to fix it. 

If you beat yourself up too hard you’ll lose focus. Just be calm, breathe & go at the next assignment like a savage. 

2. If you fail at something, DON’T QUIT. 

Nobody is perfect but the big man upstairs & even he might have a hard time trying understand why viruses are living organisms but have no cellular structure. 😭

He never quit so why should you?

Seriously tho, don’t quit. No one ever perfected a craft by only trying 1 time. 

3. Be realistic 

Now, this is one thing I feel college students forget. We are still REAL people. We still like to have fun & go out & enjoy ourselves. 

Yes, you can accomplish your goals & yes, it will be harder than you anticipated. 

You know your strengths and weaknesses. If your strong at writing papers but suck at time management, be real with yourself & start early.

4. Don’t overwhelm yourself 

If you have assignments due for multiple classes, don’t be foolish & try to work on it all at the same time. 

Make yourself a realistic and time permitted schedule to get certain work done. 

To ensure the best performance my daddy use to always remind us of the 12 p’s. 

“Piss Poor Preparation Promotes Piss Poor Performance, Piss Poor Performance Promotes Pain.” 

In others words don’t wait, get right & get it done. 

5. Know that you are NOT alone 

*sings* “I am college student & I understand the feeling!” 

Sitting in the library? Take a min & look around you. There’s a girl is the corner struggling with Chem & that guy over there is struggling w/ Calculus 2. 

You are not alone. Others around you are struggling with you. Some more than others. In college the finish line is far but, well worth it. 

Stick it out because some people didn’t even make it past Freshman year & your still standing! 


So many people get half way into their college career & forget that it’s a blessing to be here!

Unlike high school, college is optional & it was your conscious decision to attend. There are plenty people who crave for higher education but, have no access. 

Consider it a blessing to attend & receive a high quality education that could put thousands in your bank acct later! 💸 

7. Pause & Breathe 

We get so overwhelmed as students, we don’t eat or sleep. 

I want you to stop what your’re doing. Close your eyes & slowly, breath thru your nose & out your mouth, 5 times. 

Done breathing? Good. You still living boo. Stay encouraged and be proud for a minute bc your doing a damn good job. 

Whether your a freshman or a 3rd year senior, stay encouraged & tackle this college life like a savage & stay encouraged! 

Do it like a savage with savvy ❤


Simple & easy way to tell if someone likes you 

He likes me, he likes me not. She likes me, she likes me not.

Honestly, it’s not that hard. If a person likes you, you’ll know and it won’t take rocket science to figure it out.

1. If they like you they’ll say it. 

A person that really likes you, won’t hesitate to tell you. Hesitation is a sign of uncertainty.

I believe if someone likes you they’ll tell you quickly because that fear of you becoming someone else’s reigns supreme. 

Words tell the story. 

So, if a person says “I can’t explain how I feel” “It’s hard to understand how I feel” or “I don’t know what I feel.” RUN. 🏃🏽‍♀️This person is not serious about you and deserves not a lick of your time.

2. If they like you they’ll show you 

Of course you knew this was next. After a person tells you they like you, they’ll feel the need to prove it to you. 


They’ll show you by their gestures and actions. They may send you good morning/good night messages, ask to take you on a date they planned, they’ll wanna see you often, they’ll go to your social media and like their favorite pics of you, they’ll randomly call you during the day, get you your favorite food. They’ll pay attention to details.

If he/she goes out of their way to make sure you see them, they like you.

3. Body Language 

You can tell a lot by a person’s body language. 

For example, if he/she likes you they may try to sit and move closer to you. They could try to hold your hand or hug you from behind. Any chance they can, they’ll try to touch you (it’s not creepy.. I promise) and be affectionate with you.

They could also give you eye contact. They may look at you quickly & look away hoping you didn’t notice. At some point you’ll both end up staring at each other & not in a weird way.

Kinda like how Barack looks at Michelle.


4. Their conversation is exciting 

You’ve introduced yourself & exchanged numbers. Now the magic happens.

You guys are talking, but it’s not like your normal conversations. Nah. This feels different on both ends.  

You can feel the excitement through the screen. You guys are telling each other bits and pieces about yourself & don’t hesitate to respond. 

Feel that? Yeah, that’s the butterflies 🦋

If this person doesn’t rush to get you off the phone, replies swiftly to your messages & hits you up at any available chance they get.. They like you. 

5. It feels right 

Now I know many people say think with your head & not your heart, but it in this situation it’s okay.  

It feels right then go with it. 

No, I’m not telling you to be bimbo & just don’t think at all, but as humans we know that gut feeling when a person is wrong or right for us. Go with your gut. 

If you wanna take a chance, but your scared go with your gut & take that chance. ❤ who wants to miss out on love? Not me! 

Go out & find love in a less savage way but with plenty of savvy.